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DOFF cleaning is a gentle steam cleaning method which can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, including stone, concrete, brick, faience, wood, terracotta, encaustic and glazed tiles.

Doff cleaning is also perfect for environments which need to be disinfected as well as cleaned such as swimming pools, hospital floors and walls, bathrooms and kitchens, and food manufacturers. 

The DOFF Cleaning system was developed to clean effectively with high-temperature steam. While the steam remains hot during the cleaning operation, the doff operates gently and keeps the water volume quite low. The DOFF system as a result allows the surface to not soak, and dries in the smallest amount of time feasible.
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The Benefits of using
The DOFF Cleaning Method
No preparation required
No pre solution or chemical treatment is required prior to DOFF cleaning. The DOFF cleaning process is sufficient enough to clean stubborn areas.
Non toxic & Environmentally Friendly
No toxic or environmentally harmful chemicals or solvents are used in DOFF Cleaning method. No toxic or harmful vapours are therefore released reducing the risk to employees from using hazardous substances that are harmful to health.
Easy Disposal 
No spray agent is left over in DOFF Cleaning. Any dirt or debris removed using the DOFF Cleaning process can be easily Wet Vacuumed and disposed of.
Improves Machine Functionality 
Components and production lines can be cleaned and disinfected efficiently resulting in higher functionality and production.


What is The DOFF Cleaning System?
The DOFF Cleaning system is ideal for cleaning hospitals and commercial properties due to the low noise cleaning process. You can therefore be confident knowing you will achieve great cleaning results with little impact on your working environment. 
The DOFF cleaning method is ideal for delicate stone and listed buildings. It is the only machine approved by the English Heritage to clean its buildings. It is an effective environmentally friendly steam based cleaning system. The nozzle has been exclusively designed to target even the most stubborn biological and non-biological matter without the use of a chemical biocide. 

All our operatives are Stonehealth trained and we are listed as DOFF cleaning approved contractors. To hear more about projects we have cleaned using the DOFF Integra system and to find out more about the cleaning process  Get in touch 

We are based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands.However we serve across the UK.


What is the DOFF cleaning method most effective at removing?

It is very effective at removing thermoplastic paint and coating, (acrylic and oil based), masonry paints, adhesives, latex, bitumen, certain types of graffiti, bird or vermin fouling, algae, moss, fungi, lichen, mould and other biological matter.

Wax coatings, bitumen, oil, fat & grease soiling, dirt & grime, chewing gum, organic contamination stains from lipstick & mascara, some anti graffiti coatings & bird gels(mostly flexible matter) from floors, walls, machinery, appliances, and most surfaces - brick, stone, concrete, tiles, terracotta, wood, stucco and render.

The DOFF cleaning method can be used utilised in building restoration; industry; food preparation areas; for hygiene control; hospitals; factories; transport and vehicle depots; workshops, etc. Cleaning and sterilising kitchens, toilets, washrooms, swimming pools, abattoirs, factories, pigeon lofts, farm buildings, drains, etc.


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