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Factory & floor cleaning

We provide professional cleaning services to a wide range of factories, industries and warehouses. Contact Harper Industrial Cleaning Services today for superior cleaning results.

Industrial cleaning to meet your needs

Our members of staff are highly trained in removing tough coatings of grease and grime on or inside the industrial machines or floors within a factory environment. Keeping your machines clean within your industrial premises helps to prevent them from becoming jammed or dysfunctional due to rust or cast coatings. Regular degreasing of factory floors ensures a safer working environment. 
industrial objects cleaned

Wide range of industrial objects cleaned by us

  • Skylights
  • Steelwork
  • Purlins
  • Cable trays
  • Lighting, cladding and more
We can also perform builder cleans to get rid of construction debris.
Skilled cleaning for a safe factory

Skilled cleaning for safe factory floors

Whether it's stripping, scrubbing and sealing your factory's concrete floors or removal of adhesive and plaster from the factory windows, our team will perform an excellent task that will leave your factory floor looking fresh and new. Our cleaning services will also help keep your factory floor safe and avoid any instances of slipping.  
We also perform external cleaning to remove traffic build-up.
Contact our professionals at Harper Industrial Cleaning Services to experience a perfect factory cleaning work. Based in Wolverhampton, we cover areas across the UK. Call us today on
01902 324 110 or 07974 755 283





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